Santorini Caldera

Once you watch the postcard-like pictures taken by the caldera, you get instantly hooked. You fall in love with its fierce beauty and you feel compelled to visit Santorini. And reality is even better, we promise! The world's largest caldera to be submerged from deep waters and connect so many different places is here. And it is breathtaking! 

Carved from endless years of volcanic eruptions and bound to the rough consequences of the weather, the caldera stands proud and makes its presence known throughout the world. All over its rocks, you will find sprinkled villages of all-white magic. They literally hang from the caldera, built amphitheatrically and offering the most outstanding views. There you will also see chapels with blue domes and whitewashed walls, or wild shrubs defying gravity. 

The caldera is intertwined with the history of Santorini. They are synonymous or better yet linked to each other in an eternal bond. After climbing up to the cliffs or after strolling up and down the picturesque alleys in Fira or Oia, you will be mesmerized. You will be left speechless, in awe maybe, admiring this marvel of nature that has taken so much time, so many years to form. And it was all worth it!
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