Santorini is an alluring destination, one of the world's top places to fuel the wanderlust of travelers from afar. It is not just the volcanic identity that has shaped the island and has inspired so many legends from antiquity. Instead, it is the ever-lasting blend of the past and the present. In a romantic ambiance, fierce and raw beauty is fused with contemporary bliss and nature's masterpieces and the outcome is utterly heart-tingling! 
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Santorini is world famous for its sunsets. Where the sun meets the sea in a momentary connection that brings chaotic colors in the sky, warm and vivid. Dramatic views from the cliffs guarantee an unearthly experience that travelers take with them forever. And then, there are the cruises to the volcano in an almost mystical phenomenon. Sailing away to nearby islands or to the most secluded beaches of Santorini, enjoying candlelight dinners and private massage sessions on board is heaven! 

History and Santorini go hand in hand. Besides Akrotiri and the awesomely preserved settlement there, travelers are welcome to explore the museums and art galleries of the capital, Fira. The Archaeological Museum and Megaro Gyzi are just some of the attractions that will capture your attention. 

It is very difficult to capture the essence of Santorini within a few lines. You need to live it, experience it to the bone, in order to fully grasp its uniqueness...
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