A note for your safety

Dear guests, 

We have all gone through an incredible time during the COVD 19 crisis that put us in high alert but at the same time brought the world closer than ever. This is a new era and we are in this together. We may now resume the joy of exploration and experiencing new places keeping in mind the safety of our travels. Cape 9 Exclusive Villas and Suites welcomes its guests to the grandeur of Santorini, by following the highest standards of hygiene and safety as instructed by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Tourism and the World Health Organization. The protection and comfort of our guests is our top priority  

Before Your Arrival
  • We comply to the National Health & Safety protocols
  • Enhanced health & safety training programs for all our employees (Authorized Health First Certification in all aspects of health, safety & hygiene) to ensure your safety and comfort
  • A doctor is available upon request 24/7 
  • Personal Protective Equipment to be worn by all employees throughout the hotels (PPE)
  • You are encouraged to use our web check-in services to avoid needless contact upon arrival
  • We may organize your private transfer with our partners who apply all safety and hygiene procedures. There is a limited number of passengers per vehicle according to the instructions of the Department of Health. 

  • It is advised to use our web check in services prior to arrival.
  • If you prefer personal contact, check in takes place outdoors or directly in the privacy of the Villas and Suites by our highly trained staff in COVID 19 safety procedures.
  • Guests are welcomed in our outdoor spaces with safe distances for a contactless check-in process 
  • Temperature measuring with touchless devices
  • Portal services are applied with PPE. Disinfection upon request. 

In your Villa or Suite 
  • Cape 9 features detached or semi-detached Villas and Suites that provide privacy and isolation.
  • Each of our Villas and Suites feature their own private plunge pool. Therefore, guests can relax and enjoy their stay without having to leave the privacy of their accommodation at no time. However, social distancing is being applied to both our common pools. 
  • Our Villas & Suites are thoroughly sanitized with industry-leading cleaning & disinfecting products by Diversey.
  • The cleaning process takes place during our guests’ absence to avoid needless contact. 
  • Individual antiseptic gels for each guest are provided along with our luxury individual bath amenities. 
  • Sanitization sticker applied to each Villa and Suite upon completion of cleaning process.
  • Reinforced room cleaning protocols, to include extra disinfection of high touch room & bathroom areas before guests’ arrival 
  • All linen and towels are washed over 70o and treated according to safety protocols.  
  • Following the safety instructions, linen and towels are not changed daily unless so requested by our guests according. 

  • As all magazines and menus have been removed from the Villas according to safety regulations, there is a QR Code that can be found in the Villas that provides access to our menu and services. All you have to do is scan the code using the camera operation of your mobile phone.
  • Our highly trained personnel are available to provide printed versions, if requested. 
  • All meals are served individually wrapped in the privacy of each Villa and Suite.  

  • Safety distances are applied for sunbeds and umbrellas in the areas around the 2 public pools 
  • Cleaning and disinfection is applied to sunbeds after use 
  • One person per 5 sq.m is allowed in the public polls.
  • Chlorination tests take place every 4 hours and Ph settings every 8 hours.

  • Contactless check out processes are available for guests who may request it. 
  • Bills are prepared and may be paid by remotely charging a provided credit card upon guests’ confirmation  
  • Contactless payment options are encouraged & available
  • Your invoices may be sent by e mail, if requested. 

Cape 9 has been certified with the National "Health First" Certification by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, which verifies that the hotels adheres to the health content protocols against COVID-19.
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